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How do I get started with Revenue reporting?


In Reports > Revenue we offer you an intuitive overview of your payroll costs (click here to see how to configure those) and compare them with your revenue - and with the targets you set beforehand. You only need to follow two short steps in order to benefit from these valuable insights:

* Create unit(s) for each department

Units will allow you to report revenue individually for each subsection of the department.

* Enter your expected sales in Month budget

If you require a more detailed analysis, enter your budget by week and weekday as well.


Now you can proceed to your daily or weekly routine:

* Fill in your actual revenue by day

If you are using a POS-system, you can connect it to our servers and have the data delivered straight to Planday.

Take a look at the analysis provided in Reports > Revenue and click the little statistical icon to the top right for a graphical overview.
On the same page, you can also export the data to an Excel spread sheet.



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