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Using QuickBooks Online with Planday


If your business uses Intuit QuickBooks Online to manage payroll, you can connect it to Planday to quickly synchronise your employees across both systems and send worked hours from Planday to QuickBooks Online.

Follow the steps below to get the most out of using QuickBooks Online together with Planday.

1. Activate the integration to QuickBooks Online

Log into Planday and go to the integrations page. Find QuickBooks Online and click "Add" to set it up.

Navigation: Settings > Integrations > Overview


1.1 Connect to your QuickBooks Online account

Start setting up the integration by Clicking on the "Connect to QuickBooks" button. This will redirect you to QuickBooks Online, where you will need to authorize the integration. If you are already logged into QuickBooks Online, you can go ahead and authorize the integration to Planday. If you are not logged in, you must first log in to Quickbooks to authorize access to Planday. Once you have authorized access, you will be redirected back to the Planday integration page.

Click again on the "Add" button on the QuickBooks Online tile, and to verify the systems are successfully connected. From there, toggle on the features you want available for the integration (Employee details and/or Worked hours).

Click on the "Activate" button to launch the integration of QuickBooks Online and Planday.


2. Synchronise existing employees

Once the integration is activated using the above steps, you can synchronise your existing employees between Planday and Quickbooks Online.

2.1 Prepare the employee synchronisation

IMPORTANT! Disable setting on Inactive QuickBooks Online users
You must check a setting in Quickbooks Online to prevent all inactive employees in QuickBooks Online from being exported into Planday. To do this, log into QuickBooks Online and open and edit and inactive employee, then deselect the option "Show in non-payroll list" in the Employment section. You must do this for each inactive employee.

Navigation: Edit employee > Employment > "Show in non-payroll list"

REQUIRED: Enter employee address information in Planday
When QuickBooks Payroll is enabled on your QuickBooks Online account, you must ensure that all the following fields are entered for every employee:

  • City
  • Postal code
  • State

If this information is not entered, the employee will not be exported to QuickBooks Online when you activate the integration.

2.2 Synchronise existing employees

  1. On the QuickBooks Online integration tile in Planday, click "Manage", then click "Show details" under the Employee details section.
  2. Select which department employees imported from QuickBooks Online should be assigned to. When a new employee is created in Planday, you can edit the employee and modify which Departments they are in.
  3. Before synchronising your employees, ensure their names and emails are identical in both systems to avoid creating duplicates.
  4. Lastly, click "Sync Employees Now". The integration will now update and link employees across QuickBooks Online and Planday.

3. Create new employees

With the integration setup, you can create new users or employees in either system and they will automatically be created in the other.

3.1 Create new employees in Planday

When you create new employees in Planday they will automatically be created in QuickBooks Online with the following details:

  • Given name
  • Family name
  • E-mail
  • Mobile /Primary phone
  • Address (city, postal code and state is required when QuickBooks Payroll is enabled)
  • Birthdate
  • Gender
  • Hired date

3.2 Create new employees in QuickBooks Online

You can also create new employees in QuickBooks Online and they will automatically be created in Planday. They will be created in Planday with the same details as above.

Creating employees from QuickBooks Online requires that you have selected a default Planday department that new employees will be assigned to.

Navigation: Settings > Integrations > Overview > QuickBooks Online > Employee details > Show details > Select department.

When creating employees from QuickBooks Online please be aware that there is a 5 min processing time, before the employee will be exported from QuickBooks Online.

3.2.1 Welcome notification

When employees are created from QuickBooks Online, please remember to go to Planday and send them the welcome notification that contains the relevant Planday info.

Navigation: People > Employees > Select employee > Click on the send mail icon > Choose SMS or Email > Send

4. Export worked hours

4.1 Prepare the automatic export of worked hours

To automatically export worked hours from Planday to QuickBooks, toggle on "Export Worked Hours" in the QuickBooks Online integration configuration.

Navigation: Settings > Integrations > Overview > QuickBooks Online > Worked Hours > Export Worked Hours

The integration will by default send all worked hours from normal shifts. If you also want hours from a specific Shift type to be exported to QuickBooks Online, you must select the relevant Shift types in the QuickBooks Online integration configuration.

Navigation: Settings > Integrations > Overview > QuickBooks Online > Worked Hours > Show details > Add shift types

4.2 Export worked hours

When a shift in Planday is approved, the worked hours will automatically be exported to QuickBooks Online as a time activity.

The integration supports the break rules in Planday and only the worked hours will be exported  (break time will not be exported).

Unapprove or delete shifts
If a shift is already approved and the worked hours have exported to QuickBooks Online, you can remove the worked hours from QuickBooks Online by marking the shift as not approved in Planday, or by deleting the shift in Planday. After you have done this, the integration will automatically remove the time activity from the weekly timesheet in QuickBooks Online.






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