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Right to be Informed Policy and Procedure


Planday collects and processes personal data, as described in Planday’s privacy policy.

Under GDPR, an individual has the right to be informed about:

  • What data are we collecting
  • Why we are processing individual’s personal data
  • Our legal basis for processing
  • Our retention periods
  • Our complaints process
  • Who it will be shared with, transfers, storage etc.

You also have the right to be informed if we sourced your data from third parties.

Planday has ensured that whenever we collect personal data from you, you are made aware of our Privacy Policy and any other related terms. We also ensure that you consent to processing of your personal data.

We are transparent about the data we collect, and more detailed information can be accessed in the Planday product via the Help section.

This policy explains how you can exercise the Right to be Informed.

What is Planday’s legal basis for processing?

Planday processes data based on the legal basis of: performance of contract, consent, compliance, and legitimate interest.

What are Planday’s retention periods?

Please contact [email protected] for details on our data retention periods.
I use a Planday account, how do I request to be informed?

As an individual, you can request more information about your data, as described in the policy overview. You can also consult our Privacy Policy for more details, as well as this section of our website.

To get more details, please contact [email protected] and clearly state that you are seeking more details on data processing.

How do I file a complaint about Planday’s Right to be Informed policy or process?

Please refer to our Complaints process


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