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How to Deactivate or Reactivate an Employee


When an Employee leaves your company, you can deactivate their account to prevent any further access to Planday. To deactivate an employee follow these steps:

  • Go to People > Employees.
  • Search for the employee you want to deactivate and click on their name.
  • Under the Employee’s email address, select the trash icon to deactivate the Employee.
  • In the deactivate employee section you can either deactivate the employee immediately or set a a future automatic deactivation date.
  • Then you need to choose whether to set the Employee’s future shifts to open, or leave them assigned to the employee if they will work their remaining future assigned shifts in the Schedule.
  • Finally, you can add a confidential note visible only to HR managers and Admins to document the reason for deactivating the employee.

To reactivate an employee, go to People and select the employee. Click the pencil edit icon next to their name and select Reactivate under User information on the left.

Please Note: Employees cannot be deactivated on mobile.

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